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GLOBAL Documents & Logos

Attach a Document, Image, or Logo


You should ONLY upload files that should be publicly accessible to any user to this page. This page should be configured to be 'Semi-Private' so that all documents are publicly accessible via a direct hyperlink but hidden from search engines such as Google. Each file that is uploaded to this page as an attachment will receive a publicly viewable URL that can be served as a hyperlink from other pages in your Training Center. For example, on the Documents child page or your Subcontractor's learning path, you can add a hyperlink in the table that links directly to a file on this page. Users will not be challenged to log in to view/download this page and any of its file attachments.  

To avoid confusion, be sure to exclude a file's version number in its filename. This way, when you upload a newer revision as a replacement to an existing file, the file's hyperlink will automatically point to the latest revision in your Training Center. Including a revision number in the filename will only cause confusion. 

(Optional) Use the table below to add user-friendly links to related articles.

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