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Procore Support (en-au)

Why is McAfee's spam filter delaying Procore email?


Effective Friday, June 3, 2016, Intel Security Group ( deployed a spam filter change for its McAfee SaaS Email Protection solution. Intended to protect customers from floods of spam email resulting from campaigns, McAfee imposed rate limits on incoming emails to its mail servers. When the rate limit is reached, temporary delays are imposed on incoming email traffic. As a result of this change, valid email messages and automated notifications send from SaaS providers, such as Procore, have been impacted.


As of Friday, June 10, 2016, Procore's Email provider's compliance team was able to meet with McAfee, who agreed to whitelist Procore emails so that the new throttling mechanism would be bypassed for Procore emails. All deliveries should be successful going forward and emails that have been deferred over the past few days will be attempted again over the next couple of days.

Who did this affect?

All recipients of emails sent from the Procore Web application ( who are utilising the McAfee SaaS Email Protection solutions on their email servers. The Procore Web application sends email from an address. Affected users reported that Procore emails are being delayed by several minutes and, in some cases, up to one day.

What can I do if I am still experiencing this issue? 

Since the setting is on your company's mail server, your IT department or Email Administrator can adjust the spam filter settings for your company's McAfee mail servers to allow Procore email to be delivered. For more information, please refer to this announcement from Intel Security: