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Custom Solutions: FAQ on Custom Fields

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about custom fields.


Can I move or remove any of Procore’s standard fields?

No. At this time, the standard fields included with a Procore tool (a.k.a. the 'default' fields) cannot be modified, moved or removed from the Procore web application. However, some tools do have configurable fields that can be managed by your Procore Administrator. For details, see Which Procore tools support configured fieldsets?

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Can I place custom fields wherever I want on a page?

No. On Procore tools supporting the addition of custom fields, fields can only be placed at the bottom of the supported tool's page. For example, if you add custom fields to the 'New Contract' form in the project's Commitments tool, the custom fields can only be added below the 'Exclusions' text box. Depending on the custom field that you choose, the field can appear in two (2) columns or as a single field that spans the width of the page. This is true even on custom tools that you create with the Custom Solutions Team. 

Below is an example of a project's Commitments tool with custom fields. It shows where custom fields must be located on a tool's page.


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How do custom fields work with custom forms?

If you would like your custom field information to be exported to a custom form that does not already exist in Procore, the information from that field can be exported from Procore in a custom PDF. Custom fields can also be used to add optional functionality as shown in the examples below.

Example 1
Your company has a 'Terms and Conditions' agreement which you sometimes want to include in a PDF export. You can add a custom tickbox to give your end users the option to turn the 'Terms and Conditions' section ON and OFF in the exported PDF. 



Example 2
Your company has worked with the Custom Solutions Team to create two (2) Custom Forms: A long form and a short form.  An example of a custom field that could be added in the Procore user interface would be a drop-down list giving your end users the ability to choose a variety of options, such as exporting the Long Form or Short Form


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What are the limitations of custom fields?

When working with the Custom Solutions Team to add custom fields to Procore, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Custom fields cannot be used to create a new line item in any table in the user interface.
  • Custom fields cannot be set as 'Required' fields in the user interface.
  • Custom fields will be always visible and available to all end users (i.e., access to custom fields cannot be limited to a specific group or specific individuals). 
  • Custom fields that contain a default data value as an entry cannot be added to Procore. Alternatives include:
    • Project Admin Custom Fields
      If the information will be the same across the project, adding a custom field in the Project Admin page is a suggested option. Data can then be entered once per project, but populated on each specified PDF in the project. 
    • Conditional Text in the PDF
      Do you want an area on your form to display the same information 90% of the time and custom text 10% of the time? If so, using conditional text in a custom form is a suggested option. For the 10% of the time you want to display conditional text, simply enter a value in the custom text field. 
  • Custom fields can only be added at the Company level. This means the fields that you add will be available on all Procore projects in your company's Procore account.
  • User-facing custom fields may differ from the fields that Custom Solutions is able to add. See Get Started with Custom Fields.

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What are custom fields and which Procore tools support them?

Custom fields are additional fields that can be added and customised in the Company level Admin tool for certain Project level tools in Procore through configurable fieldsets. See What are configurable fieldsets and which Procore tools support them?

This functionality is separate from custom fields that can be created in the project's Meetings, Submittals and RFIs configure settings pages and separate from the custom fields that can be added by the Custom Solutions team as an add-on service. See Get Started with Custom Fields from the Custom Solutions Team.

When creating a custom field, you will need to select a field type from the drop-down menu (such as Plain Text, Number, Tickbox, Single Select or Multi Select). You can then mark the custom field as Required, Optional or Hidden to control how it appears on projects. See Create New Custom Fields.

For information on how to retrieve configurable fieldsets via the Procore API, see List Configurable Fieldsets on the Procore Developer Centre.

The following Project level tools support custom fields created in the Company level Admin tool.

Tool Fieldsets Available to Configure with Custom Fields Number of Custom Fields Allowed per Fieldset

Coming Soon  Admin (Project Level)*

Note: Only one 'Project' custom field can be created and the custom field will apply to all new and existing projects. See Create a Default Project Custom Field.


  • Correspondence Type
    Note: Each of your company's custom correspondence types has its own custom field.

Site Diary

  • Working Hours Register
  • Notes Register
  • Visitors Register
  • Drawing Revision
    Any data entered for custom fields on a drawing revision is specific to the revision it was added to. It does not carry over to older or newer drawing revisions. 
Documents (Project Documents)
  • Documents
    Custom fields created for the Documents tool cannot be marked as required and will be optional for data entry. 


  • Incident
  • Injury/Illness
  • Property Damage
  • Environmental
  • Near Miss
  • Witness Statement
  • Action


  • Unassociated
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Commissioning
  • Environmental
    Note: Each of your company's custom Inspection Types will have its own custom field.


  • Commissioning
  • Environmental
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Warranty
  • Work to Complete

Defect List

  • Defect Item


  • RFI
  • Specification Section Revision
    When a new revision is uploaded to a specification in the project's Specifications tool, any data in the item's custom field(s) will be blank on the revision.


  • Submittal Register
Daywork Sheets
  • General Information
  • Labour
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Subcontractors

*Limited release: This feature is being released in phases and may not be available in your Procore account at this time. Please reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information.

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