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Getting Started Guide: Documents Plugin for Navisworks®


To learn how to get started using the Procore Documents tool integration with Navisworks®.


The Procore Documents plugin for Navisworks® allows you to open, append and save BIM files stored in the project's Documents tool. This integration helps empower team members to keep files up to date and reduce the risk of rework.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • The plugin application can only be installed on Windows computers.


  • The Co-ordination Issues tool must be active on the project.
  • You must have access to Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage.




See steps for the following options:

Download and Install the Documents Plugin for Navisworks®

  1. Click the Download Now link below to download the plugin application to your Windows computer.
    Note: You can also download the plugin from the Co-ordination Issues tool by clicking Download Plugin and selecting Documents Plugin for Navisworks.

  2. Click the downloaded .exe application file on your computer to begin setting up the plugin.
  3. Click Run or Save.
  4. Click Yes to allow Procore to make changes to your device.
    Note: You will need Administrator rights to your computer.
  5. Log into Procore using your login credentials.
  6. Open the Navisworks® application on your computer.
    A 'Procore' tab will be viewable in Navisworks®.

Open Files

  1. Click the Procore Documents tab in Navisworks®.
  2. Click Open.
    Note: You will be prompted to log into Procore.
  3. Click the 'Select a Project' menu and select the project you want to work in.
  4. Navigate to the relevant folder.
  5. Select the file that you want to open.
  6. Click Open.
    The model will open in the viewer.

Append Files

  1. Click the Procore Documents tab in Navisworks®.
  2. Click Append.
  3. Navigate to the relevant folder.
  4. Select the file.
  5. Click Append.

Save Files

If you have made changes to a file in Navisworks®, you can save it in the plugin so that the file is updated in the project's Documents tool.

  1. While the file is selected on the Procore Documents tab, click Save.
  2. Navigate to the project folder.
  3. Enter a name for the updated file in the File Name field.
  4. Click Save.
    The file will be saved as a .nwf file to Procore. You can also click Save to Computer if you need to save a copy to your computer.

View File Info

The File Info window shows important information for files that you have opened in your project. If someone uploads a new version of the file, you will see a notification and be able to update to the latest version of the file. 

  1. Click File Info to open the window.
    When a project receives an update, a Refresh button appears.

  2. Click Refresh to view the latest version.


What file formats Are supported in the Integration?

The integration supports the following file types for the available actions:

  • Open: 3dm, 3ds, asm, CATPart, CATProduct, cgr, cv7, dlv3, dri, dwf, dwfx, dwg, exp, fbx, g, ian, ifc, iges, igs, ipj, ipt, jt, man, model, neu, nwc, nwd, nwf, pdf, prj, prp, prt, prw, rvm, rvt, sab, sat, session, skp, sldasm, sldprt, step, stl, stp, wrl, wrz, x_b
  • Append: dwg, ifc, nwc, nwd, rvt
  • Save: nwf
What happens if I want to save a project that contains a model from Procore DocUments and my local computer?

Currently, Procore does not support saving a *.nwf file when you have a combination of models opened from Procore Documents and your local machine. It will ask you to save all the local files in the Procore cloud and then reload the model from Procore Documents.

What information will be displayed in the Navisworks® status bar?

The status bar (in the bottom-left corner in Navisworks®) shows the following statuses:

Icon Status Description
icon-docs-plugin-connected.png Connected to Procore You are connected to Procore Documents and will be notified of any updates.
icon-docs-plugin-newer-model.png Newer Model Version Available You need to open the File Info window to update the models in your project.
icon-docs-plugin-not-connected.png Procore Plugin Update Required Click Open or Append to download the new version of the plugin.
icon-docs-plugin-not-connected.png Not Connected to Procore You are not connected to Procore Documents and will not be notified of any updates.