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Release Notes

 Below are the notable changes to the project's Progress Billings tool.

Recent Changes


In response to popular feedback received from Procore's Progress Claim Management clients, Procore has renamed the Schedule of Values column headings in the Admin & Collaborator views of the modernised subcontractor progress claim experience. Columns headings now match the fields in the subcontractor progress claim PDF. This makes it easier for users to correlate the data they enter on screen and with the data appearing on the progress claim PDF. Note: This update does not change the column names in the legacy subcontractor progress claim experience. To learn more see this Feature Update

Updated the Proposed Amount & Total Proposed Amount Columns (29/08/2022)

Procore has updated the ‘Proposed Amount' column for users creating subcontractor progress claims. On a new progress claim, the 'Proposed Amount' column in the progress claim’s Details tab calculates the sum of the values entered in the 'Work Progress' and 'New Materials' columns. Users can change the calculated value in the 'Proposed Amount' column when editing a subcontractor progress claim. In addition, the value calculated for the 'Total Proposed Amount' column header now shows the sum of the values in the 'Proposed Amount' columns. See Create a Subcontractor Progress Claim on Behalf of a Progress Claim ContactCreate a Subcontractor Progress Claim for the Release of Retention, and Submit a New Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact for a Progress Billing.

Limited Release: New Point-of-View Dictionary for Owners & Speciality Contractors in US English (13/6/2022) 

Procore is pleased to announce two (2) new Point-of-View (POV) dictionaries. These POV dictionaries are only available to customers in the United States and Canada who are using Procore's United States (en-US) dictionary. When applied to your company's Procore account, these dictionaries change the labels and names of particular tools and objects in the user interface. For example, when the 'English (Owner Terminology V2)' dictionary is applied, the Invoicing tool becomes the Progress Billings tool. To learn more, see Limited Release: New Point-of-View Dictionary for Owners & Speciality Contractors