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# (Reports)

# . Shows the submittal number.



Approvers . The people designated as approvers on the submittal workflow . These are the people responsible for reviewing and/or approving the submittal. Typically, these are members of the project's design team.



Ball In Court

Ball In Court . Shows the name of the person responsible for completing the next action.


Body. Edit the body text of the email. The default format of the body text appears in the image above.​


Cost Code

Cost Code . The cost code for the submittal. See What are Procore's Default Cost Codes?

Created Date

Created Date . Indicates the date the submittal was created.

Custom Fields

Custom Sites​. If your company has added custom text sites for use with the Submittals tool, enter the required data as specified by your project team in these sites. See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool.


Default Submittal Manager

Default Submittal Manager . Select the desired submittal manager. See What is the 'Submittal Manager' role?


Description . Informative details, notes, and/or actions that describe the submittal.

Design Team Review Time

Design Team Review Time. The number of days allotted for the design team's review on the submittal.

Distribution List

Distribution List . The people who will receive email notifications from Procore as the submittal progresses through the submittal workflow . If your project team has created any distribution lists in the Project Directory, you can select those lists here. See Add a Distribution Group to the Procore Directory ).

Download (Action Required: Submittal Package)

Download . Click this link to open a PDF version of the submittal package. You can also open a PDF version of each submittal in the package by clicking the PDF icon in the Submittals table of the package PDF. You can then download the PDF using the controls in the top-right corner.

Due Date

Due Date . The date on which response(s) to the submittal are due from the approvers designated on the submittal workflow .


Enter Report Name

Enter Report Name . Click the pencil icon and type a name for the report.

Enter Description

Enter Description . Click the pencil icon and type a description for the report.



Format . Choose the desired format for the report. You can choose PDF or CSV.

Final Due Date

Final Due Date. The due date by which all approvers on the submittal workflow must submit a response.



Global . Choose this option to make the report accessible to all the projects in your company account.



Internal Review Time

Internal Review Time. The number of calendar days that your project's design team requires to ensure the submittal is properly reviewed.

Issue Date

Issue Date . The date the contractor/subcontractor submitted the submittal items (i.e., documents, plans, and so on) to your project team for the review process.




Lead Time

Lead Time. The expected number of calendar days that will be required for the material/services for the submittal to arrive.

Linked Drawings

Linked Drawings . Renderings stored in the project's Drawings tool that are linked to the submittal. See Link Related Items on a Drawing .


Location . The location at the job site for the submittal. This can be an existing location from the Location list or a tiered location. See Add Tiered Locations to a Project .



Name (Reports)

Name . Enter a descriptive title for the report in the Name box. This is a required field.

Number (Submittal Package)

Number . The submittal package number.

Number & Revision

Number & Revision . The submittal number and its revision number. See How are submittals numbered in Procore?



Package Attachments

Package Attachments . Click Attach Files or move files from your computer to the Drag and Drop File(s) area.

PDF (Action Required: Submittal Package)

PDF . Click the PDF icon in the far-right corner of the Submittals Requiring Your Attention table to open a PDF version of each individual submittal in the package.


Personal . Mark this checkbox if you want the report to be visible only to you. Remove the mark from the checkbox if you want the report to be visible to project users or global users.


Private . Indicates privacy settings for the submittal. When a submittal is marked 'Private', it is only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Submittals tool, users in the Submittal Workflow and members of the submittal's Distribution List. Users with the 'View Private Submittals Associated to Users within Same Company' granular permission enabled on their permission template can also view a submittal marked 'Private' if another user in their company is associated with the submittal. See Mark a Submittal as Private .

Project #

Project #. This is the number of the project assigned to it upon project creation.

Project Name

Project Name. This is the name of the project.

Project Type

Project Type . This is the project type. Note : Your Procore Administrator can customise these selections. See appears in the report. See Add Project Type to a Project .

Project Specific

Project Specific. The report is accessible to users on the active project. If you choose this option, the report will be accessible to anyone on the project with permission.



Received Date

Received Date. The date that the submittal information was received from the contractor/subcontractor responsible for the performing work associated with the submittal.

Received From

Received From . The contact for the responsible contractor who provided the submittal information to the project team.

Related Items

Related Items . Any related items that have been added to the submittal (i.e., drawings, documents, plans and so on). See Add a Related Item to a Submittal .


Response . The response(s) of the approver(s) on the submittal workflow . Typically, approvers are members of the design team and project who must review and then approve or reject the contents of the submittal. See What are the default submittal responses in Procore? and How do I customize submittal responses?

Returned Date

Returned Date . The date on which the approver(s) response was returned for the submittal.

Required On-Site Date

Required On-Site Date. The date by which materials related to the work detailed on the submittal must be delivered and available at the construction site.

Responsible Contractor

Responsible Contractor . The company name of the contractor/subcontractor that is responsible for completing the work specified on the submittal.

Review in Procore (Action Required: Submittal Package)

View PDF . Click this link to open a PDF version of the submittal package. You can also open a PDF version of each submittal in the package by clicking the PDF icon in the Submittals table of the package PDF.


Revision . The current revision.


Sent Date

Sent Date . The date the submittal was sent to the members of the submittal workflow for review. This corresponds to the date that the notification emails were sent to the approvers on the workflow.

Spec Section

Spec Section . Denotes the corresponding section from the project's specifications book (a.k.a., spec book). See Where do the selections in the 'Spec Sections' drop-down list in the Submittals tool come from?


Status . The current status of the submittal. Only a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool can change a submittal's status. See What are the default submittal statuses in Procore? and What is a 'Draft' Submittal?


Subject. Edit the subject line for your email. The default format of the subject appears in the image above.

Submit By

Submit By. Select the date by which a contractor/subcontractor must submit all relevant documentation (i.e., documents, drawings, manuals, plans and so on) for the submittal to the project's design team for review.

Submittal Manager

Submittal Manager . The name of the submittal manager . This is the person who is responsible for overseeing the submittal throughout its lifecycle in Procore. Each submittal can have a different submittal manager or your project team can configure a 'Default Submittal Manager' for all of your submittals. See What is the 'Submittal Manager' role?

Submittal Package

Submittal Package. The submittal package that contains the submittal. In Procore, adding submittals to a package is optional. The decision to add submittals to a submittal package is based on your project's requirements, which is determined by your company's or project's management team. For instructions, see Create a Submittal Package .

Submittal Workflow

Submittal Workflow . The people assigned to complete the submittal workflow . In Procore, the submittal workflow includes two roles: a submitter and the approvers who are responsible for performing/completing the approval process . Typically, approvers are members of the design team.



Title . The descriptive name that best summarizes the information in the submittal.

Title (Submittal Package)

Title . Enter a descriptive name for the submittal package.


To . Select a person from the Project Directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory .


Type . The information type associated with the submittal. The default type selections in Procore include: Document , Plans , Prints , Product Information , Product Manual , Sample , Shop Drawing , and Other . See Create Custom Submittal Types .

Type (Reports)

Type. Choose the report type: Project Specific, Global, or Personal.



Update. Click this button to save the item.


View Online (Action Required: Submittal Package)

View Online . Click this link to launch Procore's Submittals tool in your web browser and open the submittal package in view mode. Note : If you are NOT logged into Procore, you will be prompted to enter your credentials before you can view the package.

View PDF (Action Required: Submittal Package)

View PDF . Click this link to open a PDF version of the submittal package. You can also open a PDF version of each submittal in the package by clicking the PDF icon in the Submittals table of the package PDF.


Workflow Template

Workflow Template . Select a submittal workflow template to apply to the submittal. To learn how to create one, see Manage Submittal Workflow Templates .





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