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About Procore's Continuing Education Courses

Procore's Continuing Education is a library of courses for construction professionals. The courses include recorded webinars, live presentations and articles led and written by construction industry leaders. All Procore Continuing Education courses qualify for CE credit to help professionals fulfill their continuing education requirements for related professional organisations and state licence renewal. 

Features and Benefits

  • Recorded webinars, live presentations and industry-specific articles.
  • Flexible, self-paced courses. Learn at your convenience.
  • Complete courses over multiple user sessions where learning progress is automatically saved.
  • Earn valuable CE credit upon course completion.

Course Topics

Health & Safety Industry Insights Leading Practices
QA/QC Technology Building Science
  CM Essentials  



Safety has never been more important to the construction industry. Health & Safety courses are focused on increasing awareness about safety on the worksite and exploring how the industry can achieve zero safety incidents.

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The construction industry is constantly evolving. Stay up-to-date by completing Industry Insights courses that focus on current trends, news, forecasts and innovations.

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"Work smarter, not harder!" Our Leading Practices courses are led by industry leaders who teach you how to avoid costly mistakes and establish more efficient business processes.

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Our QA/QC courses focus on how collaboration, benchmarking, safety and other areas are actively changing the construction industry to be more quality-centric.

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Technology is rapidly changing the construction industry in many different ways and the value of technology on the worksite cannot be overemphasized. The Technology courses introduce, explain and assess the latest technologies and how they can be successfully implemented on your worksite.

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Sustainability, efficiency and conservation are at the forefront of new construction industry trends. The Building Science courses focus on the latest design strategies, sustainable materials and top technologies.

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CM Essentials Procore and presented by Dr. Casey Cline, Assistant Professor at the College of Engineering's Construction Management program at Boise State University.

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What's Next?

Procore will continuously publish more continuing education courses. Check back frequently!