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Can I integrate my LMS with Procore Certification?


Your company is leveraging Procore's Certification project group as part of the onboarding/training process for your internal employees. For example, many of Procore's clients require their employees to become Procore Certified. For clients that leverage an internal learning management system (LMS) for training/onboarding purposes, some of them inquire about how they can incorporate Procore's Certification courses into their own LMS so that end users have a more seamless experience.

Here are the common objectives for this type of integration:

  • Create a user experience where users do not have to register in to more than one system to complete their training
  • Validation of course completion (i.e. You need to know that a user completed the required training)
  • Accurate system of record for your employees. If your company is using an LMS, you're likely relying on that system to serve as your company's system of record for your internal staff.


  • Can I add the course material from Procore's Certification courses into my company's LMS?
    No. Procore is constantly changing. It would be extremely challenging to distribute updated training materials to each client that is hosting our training videos in their own system. Additionally, to maintain the integrity of our Procore Certification project group, certificates will only be issued through our own LMS, where we maintain a complete system of record. (i.e. Users would not earn a Procore Certification certificate if they completed training in an outside system instead of our dedicated web portal.)
  • Can we configure Procore's Certification LMS to update a user's profile in our company's LMS?
    No. This type of functionality would require a custom integration leveraging API calls and a third-party server/service. It would also introduce a potential security and/or privacy issue related to accessing existing user data. Although it's technically possible to set up this type of integration, it's not a realistic solution. 

Recommended Solution

We believe the following solution is a fairly simple and realistic solution that should ultimately satisfy your core business needs.

Create a course/lesson in your company's LMS that allows you to capture a user's Procore Certification course completion record(s). For example, you can create a "fill-in the blank" quiz where users can enter a direct URL to their certificate. (e.g. See example below. 


Or you could have them download a PDF of their certificate and upload it into your company's LMS or intranet or email it to a company administrator.