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How do I backfill a progress claim from Yardi to Portfolio Financials?

This information in this FAQ is specific to the Portfolio Financials product in Procore. Please reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information. 


Backfilling Progress Claims allows you to back-date progress claims that were created outside of Procore or prior to using Portfolio Financials for your project. This is useful if you just started using Portfolio Financials and need to reconcile progress claims that have not been added to Procore yet. Backfilling progress claims will ensure that your accounting system totals match the totals in Procore.

important considerations:

  • Backfilled progress claims must be applied to a coded SOV and only the codes on the SOV can be used. This means that if someone paid a progress claim in Yardi that used codes that were not on the SOV, you would not be able to backfill that progress claim to the same SOV.
  • Allocated progress claims cannot be backfilled.
  • Progress Claims cannot be backfilled a second time. 
If you are NOT using an integration but need to backfill progress claims in Portfolio Financials, see How do I backfill a progress claim in Portfolio Financials?


  1. From the reconciliation screen, you can identify a payment in the Yardi PTD column that does not match up with amount on the Procore side.
  2. Click Link Progress Claim.
    Note: The first view that pops up shows the Yardi progress claim information, including Category Codes that were used, along with the Total.

  3. The next screen keeps a reference of the Yardi version at the top and the bottom of the screen is where you can create the Procore version.
    Note: Although the process is automated as much as possible, you must manually backfill progress claims. This is because the SOV in Procore can be much more detailed than the summarised progress claims in Yardi.
  4. The exact amount that was paid on each category code is displayed (on the screenshot below) and only that amount can be backfilled on the SOV, on the line items that match up. Codes are shown on this screen, unlike the regular progress claim submission screen.
  5. After the entire progress claim has been backfilled against the correct category codes, the progress claim can be submitted.
  6. The backfilled progress claim automatically takes on a 'Synced and Approved' Status. In addition, the percent complete is updated, so vendors will see in the Contract Room that they cannot progress claim you for the same portion of work.


    Note: The Reconciliation screen for the backfilled progress claim show the Procore and Yardi amounts in their own columns, along with no amount in the 'Difference' column since that the amounts now match.