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How do I filter items by multi-tiered locations?


If you tie an item to a multi-tiered location, you will be able to view all items that are tied to tiered locations in the "filter by" section.


  1. Navigate to the tool you wish to find items in.
  2. In the register page (landing page) of the tool, scroll to the "Filter by" section.
  3. Under "Location," select the location you wish to filter by (e.g. Floor 1).
  4. You will see a filtered list of all items that have been tied to that exact location unless you check the checkbox next to "Include Sub-locations." This will allow you to see all items that have been tied to sub locations in that location.

    If you search for Floor 1 and select the checkbox that says, "Include Sub-locations," you will see all items tied to all sub locations under floor 1 (highlighted in red below).

    filter by location.png

    sub locations.png

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