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What are custom project roles?


In Procore, the custom project roles feature in the Company level Admin tool gives your company the ability to create a customised list of project roles that reflect your organization's unique semantics for role-labelling. For example, some companies might want one 'Project Manager' role, while other organizations might prefer having more specific titles, such as 'Senior Project Manager' and 'Assistant Project Manager'.

Other examples of roles you might want to create:
Owner, Vice President, Senior Project Manager, Project Architect, Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Site Project Manager, Land Planner, Senior Project Architect, Associate Architect, Concrete Contractor,  Plastering Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor and so on.

When adding a custom project role, you must always specify the 'Type' (i.e., whether the role is performed by a Person or a Company). In addition, a custom project role must specify the 'Group' (i.e., whether the role can be classified under Construction ManagersDesign TeamHead ContractorsMiscellaneousOwner, and Subcontractors. Note: 'Groups' are default selections in Procore and cannot be customised). 

After you've create your company's list of project roles, you can then identify all the 'Project Team' members by role on each project's Home page (see Add the Project Team to the Project Home Page). You can also can opt to include the custom project roles that you create in a custom Portfolio report (see Create Custom Portfolio Reports).  

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