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Procore Support (en-au)

Why won't the Workforce Planning tool load?


Workforce Planning is a Company level tool that allows you to plan and program your workforce for your worksites. When some users open Workforce Planning, they may see the tool continuously refreshing and not loading.


This continuous refresh means that your browser or network settings are blocking 3rd party cookies on your computer or mobile device.


You need to update your browser settings to enable third party cookies. 

Here are instructions for the most common browsers:

Enable third party Cookies for Google Chrome

  1. On a page in your browser, click the vertical ellipsis  icon-ellipsis-options-menu.png  icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under 'Privacy and security', click Cookies and other site data.

  4. Select Block third-party cookies in Incognito OR Allow all cookies.

Enable third party Cookies for Firefox

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the shield Fx89ShieldIcon icon to the left of the URL address bar.
    Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 2.20.36 PM.png
  3. Move the toggle icon-toggle-off-android.png to the OFF position to turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection for this site.
    The page will reload automatically and allow trackers on this site only.


Enable Cross-Site Tracking for Safari

If you use a Safari browser on an iOS mobile device, you need to turn off the setting 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking':

  1. On your mobile device, tap Settings.

  2. Scroll down and tap Safari.
  3. Under Privacy & Security, toggle off the setting Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.

    Prevent-cross-site-tracking (2).jpg