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Procore Support (en-au)

Configure the Tool Order for a Project (Android)

Also available on  ios-gray-icon.jpg


To configure the order of tools for a project in the Procore Android app.


You can customise the order of project tools on the home screen so that you have easier and more efficient access to the tools you use the most. See Project Overview Screen (Android).

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' or higher permissions to one or more tools on the project.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can only configure the tools that you have access to on the project.


  1. Open the Procore app on an Android mobile device and select the relevant project.
    Note: This loads the home screen for the project. You can also tap the Tools tab to go back to this screen from other areas of the Procore app.
  2. Click the filter icon-filter-mobile.png icon.
  3. Tap Grid View or List view depending on how you want tools to appear on the home screen.
  4. Make sure that the tools that you want quick access to are marked as favourites:
    • Tap the star icon-open-star-mobile.png icon next to each tool that you want to mark as a favourite.
      Note: When a tool is marked as a favourite (has the star icon-star-favorite-mobile.png selected) it will remain visible on the home screen.
  5. Press and hold the reorder icon-reorder-ios.png icon for a tool to drag it to a different order.
  6. Continue reordering tools to your preference.
  7. Optional: If you want to hide the remaining tools so that they do not appear on the home screen, tap the toggle icon-toggle-on-android.png icon to the ON position.
  8. Tap Save Changes.