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Prepare Company Owned Equipment for Import


To properly format your company-owned equipment for import into your Company level Equipment tool.


With the import feature, you can self import company owned equipment into your company's Equipment tool. Instead of manually adding each equipment item, you can expedite this process by importing up to 500 equipment items at one time.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the company’s Equipment tool.


Download the Equipment Import Template

  1. Navigate to the company's Equipment tool.
  2. Click Import.
  3. In the 'Download & Import Excel Document' window, click Download Template.
    Note: Equipment at the Company level is an item of equipment owned by your company. To add hired or subcontractor equipment, see Create a Project Level Equipment Entry.

Format the Equipment Import Template

  1. See below for considerations when filling out the template.
    Required Data:
    • The following headers are required. A header refers to the top row of the worksheet (i.e., Row 1):
      • ID#
      • Name
      • Status
      • Category
      • Type
      • Make
      • Model
      • Serial #
    • Each row in the table corresponds to an item of equipment.
    • Important! You can only import 500 rows at a time and rows cannot be blank.
      • If you have an import greater than 500 rows, separate your import into multiple files.
    • The import process will trigger an error if you modify values in column headers.
    • The import process will fail if you insert new columns, move columns or remove columns from the template.
    • The import process will trigger an error if you change the column header order in the template. 
      • This is to ensure the appropriate data is entered for its respective field.
    • The first line of the table must include the header, which defines the fields in the Excel table and your company's Equipment database in Procore.
  2. Complete the import template.
    Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.

    equip template 1.jpg
    • ID#*: Enter the equipment ID number.
    • Name*: Enter a unique name for the equipment or complete the Make and Model fields which will default to the Name field.
    • Status*: Select the appropriate status of the equipment: Available, In Use or Under Maintenance.
    • Category*: Enter the equipment category (e.g. Construction, Trucks & Trailers).
    • Type*: Enter the equipment type (e.g. Excavators, Bulldozers, Cranes).
    • Make*: Enter the equipment manufacturer (e.g. Caterpillar, Kubota).
    • Model: Enter the equipment model number (e.g. 211).
    • Year: Enter the year the equipment was manufactured.
    • Serial #*: Add the equipment serial number or unique identifier.
    • Description: Enter any additional details for the equipment (e.g. registration numbers, purchase dates, weight, size).
    • Last Service Date: Enter the equipment's last date of service.
    • Next Service Date: Enter the equipment's next service date or next service check date. This will allow you to report and check equipment at a given point in time.

Next Steps