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About the Workday® Connector


With the Project Financials integration for Workday®, you can: 

  • Exchange information between systems to provide your project team with access to data from a single source-of-truth.
  • Reduce manual and duplicate data-entry to increase confidence that data is free from unnecessary errors.
  • Improve decision-making with access to the most up-to-date data available.
  • Streamline communication and information-sharing between your back-office and operational teams.

Feature Set Map


Key Benefits

  • Save time and labour by streamlining the approval process of time-sensitive tasks such as commitments and change orders.
  • Reduce human error by eliminating the need for manual, double-entry when transferring data from Procore to Workday®.
  • More efficient communication between Accounting and Project Management teams.
  • Easy and instant access to Workday® Job Cost report by the Project Management team.


  • Export Procore Standard Cost Codes to Workday®. 
  • Export company records in Procore's Company Directory to Workday® or create company records using your Workday® contacts. 
  • Import your Workday® job costing data to use Procore's costing and budgeting tools to track project spending.
  • Export data from your project's Commitments tool to process Supplier Contracts in Workday®. 
  • Create Commitment Change Orders (CCOs) in Procore and update Supplier Contract Amendments in Workday®.


  • Company Administrator permissions to the Procore web application
  • A compatible edition of Workday® (see Workday® Compatibility section below)

Workday® Requirements

Supported Editions & regional Availability

The Workday® Connector supports these editions of Workday®:

  Early Growing Established
Workday® red-x-icon.png icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png

The Workday® Connector is supported in any country or region where both Procore and Workday® are available.


Before your company starts using the Workday® integration with Procore, first review the Integration Map above to learn about the available features. It is also important to be aware of the limitations listed below. Keep in mind that your company may have different requirements and processes, so there may be unique limitations in your environment not listed here. If you have questions, please send an email to your Procore point of contact. 

  • Designed for use only on new construction jobs/projects:
    Projects that are in-progress or created before connection of the integration cannot be synced. Professional Services for assistance with integrating in-progress/pre-existing project records are available for an additional fee.
  • The Workday® integration does NOT support the following items:
    • Multiple Workday® Companies  Multiple Workday® companies mapping to one Procore instance is NOT supported. For each Procore company account, the integration is designed to support one (1) Workday® Company per connector.


This table documents a list of commonly used Workday® terms and its Procore equivalent. 

Workday® Term Procore Term
Project Project
Vendor Company
Project Phase / Project Task Cost Code + Cost Type
Supplier Contract Commitment
Supplier Progress Claim Subcontractor Progress Claim
Amendment Variation
Customer Contract Head Contract

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