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Below are the notable changes to the company's Portfolio tool in 2018.

New Project Health Dashboard (12/12/2018) 

The Portfolio tool's new Health Dashboard began its rollout to Procore customers. The rollout is expected to take less than two weeks. This new dashboard that turns your individual project information into business intelligence by aggregating your company's data across project and tools—giving you a powerful snapshot of your entire portfolio's overall project health. For details, see Portfolio: New Project Health Dashboard.

New Health Dashboard (26/11/2018) 

The new Health Dashboard in the Portfolio tool is now in beta release. See Portfolio: New Project Health Dashboard Now in Beta Release.

New Project Flag Filter Option (23/8/2018) 

Added a 'Project Flag' option to the Add Filter menu in the Portfolio tool

Renamed 'Connected Apps' to 'My Connected Apps' (8/8/2018) 

Renamed the 'Connected Apps' tab to 'My Connected Apps'. End users can see this change by clicking their Profile Picture or Avatar and choosing My Account Settings from the drop-down menu in Procore's navigation bar. 

Updated the Tips in the Project Creation Assistant (14/5/2018)

Updated the tip cards with new information in the Project Creation Assistant. See Add a New Project.

Added an Upload Program Tab to the Project Creation Assistant (10/5/2018)

Procore's new Project Creation Assistant now includes an Update Program page.  This provides end users who have sufficient permissions to create a new project in your company's Procore account with a way to upload the project's program. See Portfolio: New! Upload a Project Program During Project Creation.

Updated the Create Project Button for Maximum # of Active Projects (20/3/2018)

When a Company meets the limit defined in your account's 'Maximum # of Active Projects', the Create Project button is disabled in Procore. This includes the Create Project button in the Company level Portfolio tool and the Onboarding Concierge.  In addition, the Create Another Project button in the Project Creation Assistant is also disabled. See Add a New Project.

Updated Learn More & Training Links in Project Creation Assistant (14/3/2018)

Updated the Project Creation Assistant to update all of the 'Learn More' links in the tip boxes and sidebar. Also updated the URLs that are linked to the 'Go to Training' buttons. These now point to the most current Procore Support Articles & Concierge Training Videos. See Add a New Project.

Introduced the New Project Creation Assistant (6/3/2018)

For users with permission to create projects in Procore, we've streamlined the experience by introducing the new Project Creation Assistant. With this new experience, you can now create projects consistently and efficiently across your company. Configure the project's toolbox, set up cost codes & cost types, add companies & people and upload drawings & specifications in one continuous setup flow. See Portfolio: Introducing the Project Creation Assistant and Add a New Project

Deployed Updates for the Upcoming Release of the Project Creation Assistant (2/3/2018) 

In preparation for an upcoming release of a new project creation experience that will be rolled out to end users, the confirmation popup window that appears when you create a project has been removed. In addition, the 'Create Project' button will now to disabled after a user clicks it (to ensure multiple projects are not created). The 'Add New Project' button has also been renamed 'Create Project.' In addition, we've added a link titled 'Learn how to use the Project Creation Assistant' so you can learn about the new process. For the existing process, see Add a New Project. For the future process, see Create a New Project Using the Project Creation Assistant

Now Showing More Commitment Progress Claim Info in My Open Items (22/2/2018)

Updated the Company level Portfolio tool and the Project level Home page so that the 'My Open Items' area now displays both the Commitment progress claim Number and Billing Period information in the 'Details' field. This information comes from the Project level Commitments tool. Prior to this update, the My Open Items table only displayed the Commitment progress claim Number. See Commitments: Now Showing More Commitment progress claim Info in My Open Items.

Updated Password Banner To Provide First Time End Users With More Clarity (27/1/2018)

Updated the change password banners in Procore's Portfolio tool so the banner now reads 'Set Password' instead of 'Reset Password." This makes it more clear for first-time end users of Procore that their password has been set. See Change Your Password.

Added Direct Costs Items to My Open Items (12/1/2018)

Updated the Company level Portfolio tool so that now items from the Direct Costs tool will now appear if you are the Ball in Court person on the corresponding item.