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View the Activity Dashboard


To view the Activity Dashboard and see actions taken in the Workforce Planning tool.


The Activity dashboard contains a summary of every action performed in the Workforce Planning tool for the Group that you are currently viewing. Activity shown on the dashboard includes, but is not limited to:

  • Created or deleted workforce assignments.
  • Created or deleted workforce requests.
  • Edit of an assignment or request details.
  • Created or deleted projects or people.
  • Edit of a project or person's details.

The Activity dashboard can be sorted and filtered.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information
    • Activity cannot be deleted.
    • Each action includes a summary of the action taken, including the name of the user that performed the action, as well as the date and time of when the action was taken.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click Dashboard and select Activity.
  3. Select how to sort activity:
    • All. Select to sort all activity by date and time.
    • People. Select to sort activity by actions performed on a person.
    • Projects. Select to sort activity by project.
  4. Optional: Click the filter icon-filter-wfp.png icon to apply filters.
    1. Click Matches to filter by details that match your filter or click Doesn't Match to show requests that do NOT match the filter.
    2. To hide your activity, select Hide My Activity.
    3. Select to filter by:
      • People
        • Assignments. Select to show created, updated and deleted workforce assignments.
        • Attachments. Select to show attachments added or removed from a person's profile.
        • Info. Select to show added, changed or removed information on a person's profile.
        • Notes. Select to show added or removed notes on a person's profile.
        • Tags. Select added or removed tags, as well as updated expiration dates. See Add or Edit Tags for People.
        • Time Off. Select to show added, removed or updated details related to time off. See Create Time Off in Workforce Planning.
      • Projects
        • Attachments. Select to show attachments added or removed from a project's details.
        • Categories. Select to show added, removed or updated categories and subcategories.
        • Requests. Select to show created, deleted or updated workforce requests.
        • Info. Select to show activity related to project details.
        • Notes. Select to show added or deleted notes on a project's details.
        • Roles. Select to show added or removed project roles. See Assign Project Roles for Workforce Planning.
        • Tags. Select to show added or removed tags on a project. See Add or Edit Tags for Projects.
        • Wage Overrides. Select to show added, removed or updated wage overrides. See How do I use wages in Workforce Planning?
    4. Click the checkmark icon-check-wfp.png to apply the filter(s).

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