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Below are the notable changes to the project's Inspections tool in 2018.

Closed Inspections Now View Only in Activity Feed (20/12/2018) 

Updated the Inspections tool to change the behaviour of the Activity Feed for 'Closed' inspections so it is now view-only.

Added Incidents To Users Default Distribution Email Settings (19/12/2018) 

Added the ability to set a user as a default distribution member for incidents on the user edit page.

Improved Error Messaging for Inspection Numbers (24/8/2018) 

Added a more descriptive error message when the inspection number is not within range or positive.

Added Signature Information to Inspection Reports (3/8/2018)

Added the Signature Request and Signed By field to Inspection reports in the Reports tool.

Added Signature Information to Inspection PDF Export (13/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool so that the Export PDF option when viewing an inspection now displays all assigned signers names, their signature and the signature's date and time. 

Added 'Signer(s)' and Signature Status to Inspections List (7/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add a Signer(s) column to the List and Recycle Bin view. The column now lists all designated Signer(s) and also shows a 'Signed' status. If unsigned, the area to the right of the person's name is blank.

Removed Ability To Edit Inspection Items When In Review, Closed Or Deleted (25/5/2018) 

Removed the ability to edit inspection items when the inspection's status is 'In Review' or 'Closed'. Editing capability is also NOT permitted after an inspection is moved to the Recycle Bin. 

View Changes to Signature Requests (23/5/2018) 

Updated the Change History in an inspection so user can now see changes to signature requests.

Added a Recycle Bin & Retrieval Function to Inspections Tool (22/5/2018)

Added a Recycle Bin to the Project level Inspections tool to give users the ability to retrieve deleted Inspection Templates.

View Signatures on Inspections (15/5/2018)

Users can now view signatures on inspections added from Procore's iOS mobile application.

Added A Popup Notification When A Response Set Is Created, Updated Or Deleted (24/4/2018)

Added a popup notification at the bottom of the page that appears when a response set is created, edited or deleted.

Updated the Export PDF File for an Inspection (3/4/2018)

Updated the checkboxes on the PDF for an inspection so it now shows the full word for inspection item 'Status' instead of an initial. (e.g., 'Pass' instead of 'P', 'Fail' instead of 'F'). Also updated the PDF so that if a multiple response set is being used, only the chosen response shows in the PDF. See Export Inspections as a PDF or CSV.

Export PDF File Now Includes Root Cause Analysis Fields (9/3/2018)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool so that now, when you export an inspection to the PDF file format, the PDF includes the following Root Cause Analysis fields: Contributing Behaviour, Contributing Condition, and Hazards.

New Inspection Response Options (15/2/2018)

When creating an inspection template, you now have the option to configure the inspection responses to “Safe” / “At-Risk”. This option is available in addition to the response set “Pass / Fail” and allows you to reflect the language of a safety inspection. See Inspections: New Inspection Response Options.

Added Ability to Edit Inspection Numbers (5/2/2018)

Updated the Inspections tool to provide end users with the ability to edit inspection numbers. If a user attempts to change an inspection number to a number that is already used, the system displays a message that gives the user to click 'Use Next Available Number' or 'Continue' (which assigns the selected inspection the duplicate number).

Added a Default Distribution List To the Configure Settings Page (2/2/2018)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add a new Default Distribution drop-down list on the Inspection Settings page. This provides users with the ability to set a default distribution list for new inspections.