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Log in to Procore Imports


To log in to Procore Imports. 

Things to Consider

  • Procore Imports observes the same user access permissions as the Procore web application. 
  • If your user account has permission to access more than one company account in Procore, you will be prompted to select the company that you want to work with. 


Log In

To log in to Procore Imports:

  1. Launch Procore Imports on your computer.
  2. Enter the email address and password for your Procore account. 
  3. If your user account is associated with more than one company account in Procore, select a company to load.
  4. Select the project you want to work in. 
    You can now begin using Procore Imports. See Procore Imports.

Log Out

To log out of Procore Imports:

  1. Click the user icon icon-imports-user.png.
  2. In the "Are you sure you want to logout?" window, click Proceed.