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Configure Advanced Settings: ERP Integrations for MYOB Advanced Construction


To configure the settings for the ERP Integrations tool for [Your ERP Integration]. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' permissions on the company's ERP Integrations tool. 


  1. Navigate to the Company level ERP Integrations tool 
  2. Click Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png.
  3. Your Procore point of contact will work with your company to configure these settings:
  4. Click Update.

General Settings for [Your ERP Integration] 

If you are integrating Procore with [Your ERP Integration], your Procore point of contact will also configure these general settings:

  • Default Subcontract Commitment Cost Type for Converted Bids
    Subcontract Commitment's SOVs will default to this Cost Type when converted from a Bid. 
  • Default Purchase Order Commitment Cost Type
    Purchase Order Commitment's SOVs will default to this Cost Type after entering the SOV's cost code.
  • Default Project Template
    If you have created a project template in the Portfolio tool (see Configure a Project Template), you can select that template from this drop-down list. This will apply the template to the Procore project that is created when you import a [Your ERP Integration] job (see Add a [Your ERP Integration] Job to Procore). 
  • Use Procore Contract #
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to populate the 'Commitment ID' field with the Procore contract number, when your users create a commitment in Procore. See Create a Commitment. (Note: This settings affects only commitments created in Procore. Users also retain the ability to change the Commitment ID in Procore).
  • Use Procore Change Order #
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to populate the 'CCO ID' field with the Procore's CCO ID, when your users create a commitment change order in Procore. See Create a Commitment Change Order (CCO) (Note: This settings affects only CCO's created in Procore and users retain the ability to change the CCO ID in Procore).
  • Automatically add new cost code/cost type combinations and sub job cost code/cost type combinations to budgets on [Your ERP Integration] integrated projects
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to automatically add the cost code/cost type combo as a new budget line item regardless of whether or not the budget is locked or unlocked. If the budget is unlocked, Procore will automatically import the Estimate amount found in [Your ERP Integration] to the Original Budget column. If the budget is locked, Procore will still add the line item for the new cost code/cost type combination, but will set the Original Budget column to $0 (Note: Original budgeted amounts will not be imported if the budget is locked).
  • Procore's Budget Direct Cost Column
    • Read only, populate from [Your ERP Integration]
      On [Your ERP Integration] integrated projects, the Budget's 'Direct Cost' column can either be read only and populated with data from [Your ERP Integration] or editable and not populated from [Your ERP Integration].
    • Editable, do not populate from [Your ERP Integration]
      If you're using the Direct Costs tab, the data will always be populated from Procore's Direct Costs Tool.
  • Vendors will be automatically updated
    • Automatically update vendors when refreshing the vendor list
      Choose this option if you want Procore to automatically update the vendor/company record in the Directory tool with information that has been edited in [Your ERP Integration].
    • Do not update vendors
      Choose this option to prevent Procore from automatically updating the vendor/company records in the Directory tool with information that has been edited in [Your ERP Integration]. 

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