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Join the Procore Certified User Group on LinkedIn

What is the Procore Certified User Group?

Several users have inquired about how they can find and connect with other users who are Procore certified. In response to this request, we’ve created a private group on LinkedIn where any of the 95,000+ Procore certified users are invited to become members. 


Why should I join?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Procore Certified User Group.

  • Ask Questions
    Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder how other Procore users are solving a particular problem or how they're using a specific tool/feature." You now have a public forum where you can ask your questions to the community and hear real world user stories and solutions. 
  • Discuss and Share Best Practices and Insights
    You are the real Procore experts! We strongly believe that our end users know how to use Procore best since you're the ones who are constantly using Procore to solve real-world problems on the worksite. Let's all learn together by sharing our tips and tricks and proven best practices. 
  • Expand your Professional Network
    Connect with other construction professionals who are also Procore-savvy! And if you're looking to hire someone with Procore experience, you can even advertise a job opening at your company using the built-in "Jobs" board.
  • Receive Procore Certification and Continuing Education (CE) Updates
    Before a new certification course is officially launched and becomes publicly available, members of the Procore Certified User Group will be invited to become the first ones to earn a new Procore certification. (Note: The Project Manager certification course is coming soon!) We will also inform you of when one of the existing certification courses has been refreshed with new training videos or when a new CE courses are published.

How do I join?

  1. Add Your Procore Certified Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Ask to Join

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