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About Connectability for Drawings (Beta)

 In Beta
This feature is currently in Closed Beta and available for select Procore customers.


Connectability for Drawings enables two separate Procore customers to connect their projects so that drawings can be copied and kept in sync with the upstream project. The connection is one-way and copies published drawings from an upstream source project to a downstream connected project. 

Learn more about connectability in Procore.

Why connect projects?

When projects are connected, drawings are easily shared with collaborators working on your project. This eliminates silos and ensures that everyone has the current information to do the job. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Sharing current data with downstream collaborators.
  • Eliminating the need for downstream collaborators to download files and re-upload them into their own projects for their teams to access.
  • Downstream collaborators are instantly notified when new drawings are published in the upstream account, and are available for review.
  • Maintaining the same drawing titles and metadata across accounts ensures a single source of truth, and reduces the likelihood of potential mistakes.
  • Retaining data in each company's account for record keeping and reporting.

Downstream permissions requirements to connect projects are comparable to how upstream accounts currently allow collaborators to access drawing information. The upstream account is always notified about new connections and can disconnect projects if needed.

How does it work?

Connectability for Drawings (2).png

After a project connection is initiated from the downstream company, the upstream company approves the connection.

As the upstream project uploads and publishes drawings, those drawings become available for the downstream company to review and publish in their project.

After the drawings are published in the downstream account's project, users with access to the project's drawings tool can view the drawings that were originally published in the upstream account's project.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Projects Can Be Connected?

Projects at two different company accounts can be connected. The names of the project do not need to match.

How are connections made?

There is an 'upstream' project where data originates, and a 'downstream' project where data is copied. A user in the downstream project, who is also a collaborator in the upstream project, can use their project's Connection Manager tool to connect the two projects.

What is the Connection Manager?

Connection Manager is a Project level tool within Procore where the tool's administrators can establish and manage project connections with other companies.

Do Both the Upstream and Downstream Companies need to be opted in to the Beta to Connect Drawings?

No. The downstream company must opt in to the Beta. Downstream companies that opt in to the beta can still connect with an upstream company, even if the upstream company did not enroll in the Connectability for Drawings beta. 

Who can initiate a project connection?

Only the downstream project can initiate a connection with an upstream project.  


Users on the Connection Manager tool email distribution list are notified of new connections, disconnections, and connection requests (if required). You can configure the email notification distribution list in each project's Connection Manager settings. See Connection Manager: Configure Advanced Settings.

Who can terminate a project connection?  

'Admins' of the Connection Manager tool of both the upstream project and downstream project can disconnect at any time. Current capabilities limit a downstream project from reconnecting to an upstream project as well as connecting to any new upstream project if you disconnect.

For more information on connecting projects, see What should I know about connecting projects in Procore?

Upstream Project


In the Company level Admin tool, you can choose how you want to approve connections.

You can choose to automatically approve connections or require review to manually accept or decline a downstream project's request to connect. Depending on the number of projects you have, manually approving connections can be a large administrative task and slow down work at the project level.

Because the permissions are comparable to how upstream projects are currently allowing collaborators to access drawings, we recommend marking the box to allow connections without Admin approval. The upstream account is always notified about new connections, regardless of the connection approval preference, and can disconnect the projects if needed.

This setting is currently available. To review and configure it ahead of the Connected Drawings Open Beta, see Configure Project Connection Settings.

What Drawing Information is Copied to the Downstream Project?

Here is some of the information that is copied:

  • Drawings, without markup
  • Drawing number, title and obsolete status
  • Drawing area name and description
  • Drawing discipline name and position
  • Drawing date and received date
  • Revision number and status
  • Drawing set date and name

Can I choose which Drawings & Drawing Areas get Copied to the Downstream Project?

No. All published drawings and drawing areas in the project are copied and kept in sync with the upstream project. This is a limitation of the Beta.

Downstream Project


Only users at the downstream project can request to connect with an upstream project. To connect two projects, you need the following access and permissions:

  • Be a user at both companies and be added to each project you want to connect.
  • 'Admin' level permissions to the Connection Manager tool for your company's downstream project.
  • 'Read Only' level permissions or higher to the upstream project's Drawings tool.

Who on my team can see connected drawings?

Any user with 'Read Only' permissions to the Drawings tool in the downstream project can see the connected drawings that have been published in the downstream project. Users do not need to be a member of the upstream project.

Who is notified when new drawings are ready for review?

'Admins' on the Drawings tool for the downstream project receive a notification when new Drawings are ready for review.

How Long Does it Take For Drawings to Copy?

Copying drawings to the downstream project can take up to one hour. You will receive an email notification once the drawings have been successfully copied.

Can I distinguish between my drawings and connected drawings?

Yes. You will see a connectedScreen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.55.48 PM.png icon indicating which drawings are copied from the upstream project. 

Will my site team be able to see connected drawings on the Procore mobile app?

Yes. The mobile app shows the connected drawings and will have the connectedScreen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.55.48 PM.png icon to distinguish them. 

Is markup supported?

Markups made in upstream drawings are not copied to the drawings in the downstream project. However, as the downstream project, you can add additional markup to the connected drawings. These markups will remain in your project and will not be copied or published back to the upstream project. Markups added by the downstream project on a connected drawing are retained when a new version of the drawing is added by the upstream project.

What happens when the Upstream Project deletes a Drawing or Drawing Area?

If the upstream project deletes a drawing, the deleted drawing will be removed from the Drawings register page in the downstream company. Drawing areas will remain but without the deleted drawing. Drawing Admins in the downstream project can view deleted drawings in the 'Deleted Drawing Revisions' report in the downstream project’s Drawings tool.

What happens to drawings when I disconnect a project?

The connected project will retain any published drawings up to the point of the disconnection. Going forward, no new or updated drawings from the upstream project will be copied, nor will the metadata of previously connected drawings be kept in sync.

Will I Be able to reconnect a disconnected project?

No. If a project has been disconnected from an upstream project, it cannot be reconnected to that upstream project or connected to any new upstream projects.