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Procore Support (en-au)

Can I register into the Procore Web application directly if my company has implemented SSO?


Yes. If your company has deployed one of the supported SSO solutions in your environment, users can register directory into the Procore web application with their email address and password. Procore supports two types of SSO solutions: SP-Initiated and IdP-Initiated SSO.

Service Provider Initiated (SP-Initiated) SSO

SP-Initiated (a.k.a., Procore-Initiated SSO) is an option that gives your end users the ability to sign into the Procore Login page and the the solution sends an authorization request to the IdP (i.e., Azure AD). Once the IdP authenticates the user's identify, the user is logged into Procore. See Register into Procore-Initiated SSO for Microsoft Azure AD.

Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-Initiated) SSO

With this option, company's may prefer to direct end users to register into your Identity Provider's SSO page (for example, Microsoft Azure or Okta) and then click an icon to register into and open the Procore web application. For details, see Register into iDP-Initiated SSO for Microsoft Azure AD and Register in to Procore Using IdP-Initiated Okta SSO.

Both of the iDP-initiated solutions are convenience features. Procore does not require users to authenticate via an SSO identity provider when accessing Procore Web. As long as your Procore user account is using the same login credentials (i.e., email address and password) as your SSO identity provider, you can log into the Procore web application ( directly. 

Important! Procore recommends that you always check with your company's SSO Administrator and/or Procore Administrator to determine they are enforcing a policy that requires you to register into Procore via an SSO identity provider. For identity provider login instructions, see:

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