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Procore Support (en-au)

Can I register into the Procore Web application directly if my company has implemented SSO?


Yes. If your company has integrated an SSO solution with your Procore environment, users can still log into the Procore web application from the Procore login page. Procore supports two types of SSO solutions: SP-Initiated and IdP-Initiated SSO. The login experience will be slightly different for end users depending on which solution has been configured.

Service Provider Initiated (SP-Initiated) SSO

Referred to as Procore-initiated SSO, this option gives your end users the ability to sign in from the Procore login page without using a Procore password. Upon entering their username in the Procore login page, the password box disappears. Then, when clicking Log In, the SSO integration redirects users to the login page for their Identity Provider (IdP). Once the the user enters their credentials there and their identity is authenticated within the IdP, the user is redirected back and logged into Procore. 

Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-Initiated) SSO

If IdP-initiated SSO has been configured, end users can log in by first navigating to their Identity Provider (for example, Microsoft Azure or Okta). From there, users can click a Procore tile to automatically log into and open the Procore web application. With this option enabled, users can also choose to log into Procore directly from the Procore Login page with a username and password, as long as those credentials match the credentials used to log into their IdP. 


If your company has configured SP-Initiated SSO for Procore, you will not be able to reset your password from the Procore login page. Password changes or forgotten passwords will need to be handled by your company's internal IT team. 

If needed, Procore recommends that you reach out to your company's IT Administrator and/or Procore Administrator to find out if they are enforcing a policy that requires you to log into Procore using SSO.