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(Beta) How are version numbers updated in the Company level Workflows tool?


Procore's Company level Workflows tool lets you track two (2) types of updates to a workflow using a two (2) part numbering convention to indicate its state: Published and Unpublished.


The callouts in the example image below illustrate how version numbers are updated in the 'Version' column of the 'Workflows' table. 


Workflows Version Numbering

The table below provides you with additional detail about version numbering. 

Image Callouts Above Version State/Territory Meaning
Item 1 0.1 & 1.1 Unpublished The custom workflow is in a 'Draft' state. It is NOT active on a Procore project.
Item 2 1.0 Published The custom workflow is in a published state. It is active and available for use on all projects to which it is assigned.