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How do I set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Procore?


The first step is to select an identify provider that meets your company's business requirements. Typically, your company will work with the person or department who is responsible for managing your company's SSO infrastructure to make this decision. Often, this is the company's IT department. To learn more about the supported identity providers, see Which SSO identity providers are supported by Procore?

After your company purchases its chosen solution, the person or department responsible for managing your company's SSO infrastructure will implement either an IdP-Initiated or an SP-Initiated (i.e., Procore-Initiated SSO) solution. See What is the difference betwen Procore-Initiated SSO and IdP-Initiated SSO?. When initially implementing an SSO solution, companies often develop an organised rollout plan. They may also choose to develop and enforce specific policies for their end users. 

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