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Procore Support (en-au)

How Do I Resolve the "This export cannot be completed because the number of line items in QuickBooks does not match up with the number in Procore." Error when Exporting to ERP


You may encounter this error when trying to export Commitment Variations (CVs) to QuickBooks® Desktop. There are two situations in which this error arises follow the steps below that apply to your situation.


Follow the instructions based on whether the error was caused while exporting multiple CVs or a single CV.

If you were exporting multiple CVs

For the QuickBooks® Desktop integration, only one CV per commitment can be exported at a time, follow the steps below to remedy the situation:

  1. Reject the failed CVs.
  2. Re-send the CVs to ERP.
  3. Export one CV per commitment at a time, waiting for the CV to display "Successfully Exported" before exporting subsequent CVs for that commitment.

If you were exporting a single CV

If the error arises while exporting a single CV, this indicates that the commitment was changed in QuickBooks® Desktop prior to exporting the CV. The ERP support team can use a tool to re-read the number of commitment line items currently in QuickBooks® Desktop so the CV can export successfully. Please leave any failed items in the Failed to Export filter and contact Support.