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I clicked "prevent this page from creating additional dialogues." How can I undo this?

prevent dialogs.png


Procore uses dialogue boxes that may pop up to confirm an action in your account. For example, the Meetings tool uses dialogue boxes to confirm the deletion of meeting items and categories (shown above).

If you are working in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you might be prompted with the option to "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues." This option is available just in case you stumble upon a site that puts you in an unending loop of dialogue boxes. Procore will only use dialogue boxes to confirm important and perhaps permanent actions on your account and if you prevent Procore from prompting you with a confirmation, you will not be able to complete the action. Luckily, this setting is only applied to the session you're working in. If you prevented the page you're viewing from creating additional dialogues, you can reset the session by closing and reopening the tab, as explained in the Answer section below.

It is not recommended that you prevent Procore from creating additional dialogues.


  1. Close all tabs in your browser.
  2. Reopen each tab you were working in.
    • Tip! Use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly reopen the most recently closed tabs. 
      • On a PC: CTRL + shift + T
      • On a Mac: Command + shift + T
  3. ​​Attempt the action that requires the dialogue box. It should now allow you to complete the action.
If this does not work, try the following:
  1. Quit out of your browser and reopen Procore to the page you were working in.
  2. Restart your computer; then reopen Procore to the page you were working in.
  3. Switch to a different web browser. See Which web browsers are supported by Procore?
  4. Contact if none of the above resolve the issue.