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What are the default action plan verification methods?


A verification method is the method used by the responsible party to verify an action plan item's completion. Procore provides several default verification methods. These default verification methods are listed below, along with general definitions for each method. 

Users with the appropriate permissions can create custom verification methods in the Company level Admin tool. See Create Action Plan Verification Methods.


  • Hold Point: An established milestone where work may not proceed without approval by the designated representative.
  • Measurement: A measurement provided by workers.
  • Surveillance: Monitoring or surveillance of work where the designated representative is present for the activity or is surveilling the work in some way.
  • Test: Verification of a product's or system's behaviour using a controlled and predefined series of inputs or stimuli to ensure the product or system produces specific and predefined outputs as specified by the test requirements.
  • Witness Point: An established milestone where the designated representative witnesses the completion of an activity. The designated representative may be present during the entire activity or may only witness the activity's completion, depending on the specifications for the activity.