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What is a company admin?


In Procore, a Company Administrator is an individual who is responsible for setting up an organisation's new Procore account. This individual is assigned 'Admin' level permissions on both the company and project level tools. Also called the Procore Administrator.

Did you know?

Procore Administrators (a.k.a., Company Admins) are responsible for the overall administration of your company's Procore account. They are appointed by your company to make key administrative decisions and control access to Procore for your environment:

 A Procore Administrator can do the following:

  • Manage user permissions and access levels
  • Access and manage configurations in a company's Procore account
  • Create custom company reports
  • Make key decisions and submit requests to Procore Customer Support, Customer Success, and Sales. 

Common Questions

What happens when I assign a user 'Admin' level permissions on the Company Directory?

That user is granted ‘Admin’ level permissions to the Company level Directory tool and all other available Company level tools by default, making them a Procore Administrator (a.k.a., Company Admin). 

Why can't I assign Someone 'Admin' permissions to Only the Company Directory?

By design, when you grant 'Admin' level permissions to the Company Directory, you are granting that user 'Admin' level permissions to all Company level tools. The option to change the access level for all other Company level tools is grayed out and unavailable. 

Can a Company Admin Manage their own permissions in Procore?

Yes. A Procore Administrator (a.k.a., Company Admin) can manage their own permission assignments on all available Company level tools when the 'Company Permissions Template' setting is set to Do Not Apply A Permission Template in that administrator's user account. A Procore Administrator can also manage their own permission assignments on all Project level tools for any project listed in the 'Current Project Settings' section of their user account. 

If you are a Procore Administrator and you choose to remove your own 'Admin' level permissions on the Company Directory tool, another Procore Administrator at your company will need to restore your 'Admin' level permissions for you. If you do not have another Procore Administrator, please Contact Support.

Anything else I need to know?

  • Procore Administrators (a.k.a., Company Admins) can access their user account in the Company level Directory tool and review the 'Current Project Settings' and 'Project [User Name] Does Not Belong To' sections. These sections provide a list of all projects to which they can gain access. 
  • To perform all available administrative actions in a project, Procore Administrators may also want to add themselves to the project and provide themselves with ‘Admin’ level permissions to the appropriate Project level tools.
  • To learn more about being a Procore Administrator, see the Procore Administrator learning path. 

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