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Procore Administrator

Did you know?

Procore Administrators (a.k.a., Company Admins) are responsible for the overall administration of your company's Procore account. They are appointed by your company to make key administrative decisions and control access to Procore for your environment:

 A Procore Administrator can do the following:

  • Manage user permissions and access levels
  • Access and manage configurations in a company's Procore account
  • Create custom company reports
  • Make key decisions and submit requests to Procore Customer Support, Customer Success, and Sales. 

Are you Procore Certified?

Complete our role-based training course and earn a Procore Certified: Procore Admin certificate. Click here to register.


  • Self-paced, online training course
  • All content is specifically designed to teach Procore Admins how to perform all project-related tasks in Procore.

To learn more about other certification courses, see Procore Certification