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What is the difference between a distribution group and distribution list in Procore?



In Procore, distribution groups and distribution lists have different functions. To learn more, review the following topics:


What is a 'Distribution Group'?

A distribution group is a list of email recipients that must be created in the Company or Project Directory tool. It is similar in function to a Contacts Group in an email program and is NOT associated with any security settings. See Add a Distribution Group to the Company Directory and Add a Distribution Group to the Project Directory.

Once created, end users with permissions to create items in specific Procore tools can add available distribution groups to any To, Cc, Distribution, Default Distribution, Distribution List, File Tracking,  field in the Company and/or Project level tools that support this feature. For example, you might create distribution groups named 'Accountants', 'Foreman/Site Managers' or 'Project Managers' to keep stakeholders informed of tool-specific events (i.e., approvals, distribution of meeting minutes and more). 

In the example below, the end user selects the 'NBI Project Managers' distribution group by name to add the individual members of that group to the RFI's distribution list


What is a 'Distribution List'?

A distribution list is a group of notification message recipients that can be added to items created in a variety of Procore tools. It is similar to the Cc (Carbon Copy) feature in an email program and is used as a mechanism for notifying select Procore end users about a specific event or change in status on an item. For example, when a project manager creates a new submittal, your company's process may require you to add a distribution group of 'Project Managers' to the distribution list for a particular submittal. 

In the example below, the end user adds individuals from the Project Directory to an RFIs distribution list. Users also have the option to add distribution groups to the list. 

If you would like to learn more about Procore’s directory software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction contact directory tool product page here.