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What is the "File Rename Information" file included with my extracted project data?


If you see a CSV file named "File Rename Information" in the folder saved from an extract using the Procore Extracts application, this indicates at least one file was renamed in order to successfully save it to your computer. The CSV file can be opened in Microsoft Excel or a word application such as Notepad. The file lists the original file name, along with the file name it was modified to.

Note: This does not modify the contents of the file, and no action is required.

There are limitations on Windows computers restricting invalid characters or file path names that exceed 260 characters. A common reason for a file path needing to be renamed is if there is an invalid character in an item name in Procore.

  • The following characters are invalid in filenames:
    • < (less than)
    • > (greater than)
    • : (colon)
    • " (double quote)
    • / (forward slash)
    • \ (backslash)
    • | (vertical bar or pipe)
    • ? (question mark)
    • * (asterisk)

For additional information on Windows file name restrictions, see Maximum File Path Length Limitation on Microsoft's Support site.