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Which tools can I extract project data from using the Procore Extracts application?


Currently, the Procore Extracts application can extract a copy of data from the following project tools so that you can have a record of these items outside of Procore:
Note: An asterisk (*) denotes if you can choose whether to include attachments associated with the tool's items in the extract.

  • Tenders*: Extracts all tenders that exist in the project's Tendering tool. 
  • Change Events*: Extracts all change events that exist in the project's Change Events tool.
  • Variation Package*: Extracts all variations that exist in the Variations tools. Variations are created in the project's Commitments and Head Contract tools.  
  • Variation Requests*: Extracts all of the Variation Requests that exist in the project's Head Contract tool. See Create a Variation Request.
  • Correspondence* Extracts correspondence items from a project's Correspondence tool by type. Each correspondence Item includes its own folder and the item PDF will be a separate attachment from the other attachments associated with the item. 
  • Custom Tools*: As long as the custom tool has an "export" functionality, extracts all data that would be included on a PDF or CSV export.
  • Site Diary*: Extracts a daily summary for each day of the project. See Site Diary
  • Documents: Extracts all documents that exist in the project's Documents tool.
  • Drawings*: Extracts all drawings that exist in the project's Drawings tool.
    Note: In addition to choosing whether to include Attachments, you can also choose whether to include All Revisions in the extract (as opposed to only the Current Set).
  • Emails*: Extracts all email messages that exist in the project's Emails tool. 
  • Forms: Extracts all forms that exist in the project's Forms tool. 
  • Incidents*: Extracts all incidents that exist in the project's Incidents tool.
  • Inspections*: Extracts all inspections that exist in the project's Inspections tool. 
  • Instructions: Extracts all instructions that exist in the project's Instructions tool.
    Note: This tool is not available for all regions. 
  • Meetings*: Extracts all the project's meeting data that exist in the Meetings tool.
  • Observations*: Extracts all observations that exist in the Observations tool. 
  • Photos: Extracts all photos that exist in the project's Photos tool. 
  • Potential Variations*: Extracts all Potential Variations (PCOs) that exist in the project. See Create a Head PV from a Change Event.
  • Head Contracts*: Extracts all head contracts that exist in the project's Head Contracts tool. 
  • Defect List*: Extracts all defect items that exist in the project's Defect List tool. 
  • Purchase Orders*: Extracts all purchase orders that exist in the project's Commitments tool. 
  • RFIs*: Extracts all RFIs that exist in the project's RFIs tool.
  • RFQs*: Extracts all Requests for Quotes (RFQs) from the project's Change Events tool. See Create RFQs.
  • Specifications: Extracts all specifications that exist in the Specifications tool.
  • Subcontracts*: Extracts all subcontracts that exist in the project's Commitments tool. 
  • Submittals*: Extracts all submittals that exist in the project's Submittals tool.
    Note: If your company has turned OFF the 'Number Submittals by Spec Section' setting (see Request to Change the 'Number Submittals by Spec Section' Setting), spec section numbers are NOT included with the submittal items. 
  • Transmittals: Extracts all transmittals that exist in the project's Transmittals tool.

Additional Information

  • By default, the downloaded files from the extract are saved within an 'Extracts' folder on your computer. The Extracts folder contains a folder structure with the project name, the date and time of the extract, the project tools and the items in the tools.
  • Most items in Procore are downloaded as PDFs. Files such as documents and photos are downloaded as their original file type (e.g. .xls, .jpeg).
  • If the file path name was modified during the extract in order to save successfully, a “File Rename Information” CSV file appears in the folder. This file lists the original file name, along with the file name it was modified to. See What is the "File Rename Information" file included with my extracted project information?
  • For companies using the DocuSign® integration, the Procore Extracts application does NOT extract files from your linked DocuSign® account. To learn how to download those files, see How do I download my completed documents from my account?

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