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What is the Monthly Sandbox Environment?


To provide Procore users with the capability to explore new features before making changes to their production Procore environment, Procore customers have access to a monthly sandbox environment. 


What is the Monthly Sandbox Environment?

The Monthly Sandbox environment is a direct copy of each customer's production account data; the data is overwritten with a fresh copy of production data on the second business day of each month. Overwriting the Monthly Sandbox with Production data each month keeps the two environments as close to identical as possible. This provides customers with a truly representational experience when testing new features in the Monthly Sandbox and prevents test data created from accumulating over time.

This Monthly Sandbox environment is separate and different from both the customer’s production “sandbox test project” and the Integrator/Developer Sandbox. 

  • The Integrator/Developer sandbox is intended for use by marketplace partners, Professional Services and 3rd party API developers. 

  • A “sandbox test project” is simply a test project in a customer's production account – data created in these projects is production-level data and can skew Portfolio level reporting. 

How do I access the Monthly Sandbox?

You can access the Monthly Sandbox with the same credentials you use to log into your production account. 

The URL for the Monthly Sandbox is: