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What project information is synced between Workforce Planning and Procore Projects?



Projects can be created in either Procore Projects or Workforce Planning, but your company must choose one as your system of record. Your system of record can then sync project data so that some information is available in both Procore Projects and the Workforce Planning tool. 


Data syncs are one-directional:

  • If you choose Procore as your system of record (recommended), the below information will be synced to your projects in the Workforce Planning tool.
    • Note: Projects created in Procore are added to all groups in Workforce Planning.
  • If you choose Workforce Planning as your system of record, the following information will be synced to Procore Projects.
    • Note: When a project is synced to Procore, no template is applied.

Fields not listed below are not synced between Procore Projects and Workforce Planning.

Workforce Planning Procore
Name Name
Project Number Project Number
Status Active/Inactive
Start Date Start Date
Planned End Date/Est. End Date Completion Date
Address Address
City/Town City
Postcode Postcode
Timezone Timezone