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Where did Quality and Safety go in Procore?


Quality and Safety has been removed as its own category in Procore's web application, however, no changes have been made to the associated tools. See What are the new Procore product categories? 

The following tools are now located under the Project Management category:
Note: These tools will only appear in your project if your account with Procore includes Quality and Safety and the tools are enabled on your project.

  • Inspections
  • Incidents
  • Observations
  • Defect list
  • Site Diary
  • Forms

Where else has this changed in Procore?

'Quality and Safety' has been removed as a title from the following locations in Procore:

  • Navigation Menu: Company Tools
  • Navigation Menu: Project Tools
  • Company Level Admin Tool: Account Information Page
  • Create New Project: Tools Page
  • Project Level Admin Tool: Active Tools Page
  • Project Level Reports Tool: Reports

Note: Any Quality and Safety tools enabled on your Procore account will appear under Project Management in these areas.

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