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How do I complete tasks in Procore that I used to complete in the standalone Procore Estimating application?


If you were a customer using Procore Estimating (formerly known as Esticom), you might wonder how you can complete similar tasks in the Procore web application. Below is a list of tasks with links to relevant support articles.


  • Tasks related to Take-Off and Estimating are available in the Project level Estimating tool.
  • Tasks related to the Material or Cost Catalogue are available in the Company level Cost Catalogue tool.
Task in Procore Estimating Task in Procore Procore Tool
Add a Project Create a New Project Portfolio (Company level)
Activate or Deactivate Users

Edit a User Account in the Project Directory

Remove a User from a Project

Directory (Project or Company level)
Add Project Tasks Add a Task Tasks (Project level)
Configure Cost Codes and Cost Types Configure Settings: Estimating Estimating (Project level)
Delete a User Account Change a User's Permissions in the Project Directory Directory (Project or Company level)
Edit Profile Manage 'My Profile Settings' -
Invite a User to a Project

Add a User Account to the Project Directory

Invite or Reinvite a User to Join a Procore Project

Directory (Project or Company level)
Manage Users

Edit a Project Permissions Template

Manage Project Permissions Templates

Permissions (Company level)
Upload Company Logo Upload a Company Logo Admin (Company level)
Upload Plans Upload Drawings Drawings (Project level)
View the Calendar View a Project Program Program (Project level)