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Which canned reports are available in the Company level Reports tool?


In Procore's Company level Reports tool, you can choose from a variety preformatted reports that are view- and export-ready. 

Canned Report Description Tutorial Supported Export Formats
Projects Overview Summarises program data for your company's projects in a single report View the Projects Overview Report PDF
User Sessions Displays user activity for your company, showing who did what in Procore View the User Sessions Report PDF
Outbound Emails Report Outbound email archive for all projects View the Outbound Emails Report CSV, PDF
Global Vendor Insurance Displays vendor insurance information for your vendors/subcontractors View the Global Vendor Insurance Report CSV, PDF
All Unexecuted Head Contract Variations All unexecuted Head Contract Variations and all unpaid Unassociated Variations, across all projects View the All Unexecuted Head Contract Variations Report PDF
Project Email Addresses & Fax Info All inbound email addresses and fax numbers View the Project Email Address Report PDF
Job Cost Summary All Project Costs View the Job Cost Summary Report PDF
Timecards Timecards Export the Timecards Report CSV, PDF
Site Diary Notes Report Site Diary Notes Report View the Site Diary Notes Report PDF
Assignment Report All items assigned to a specific person View the Assignment Report CSV, PDF