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Why is it valuable to have 'Procore' as an endorsable skill on my LinkedIn profile?


To help users validate their professional skill sets, LinkedIn introduced the ability for users to receive endorsements from their professional network connections in 2012. 

li-skills-list-w550.pngThe best way to validate your professional skill set to both current and future employers is to receive endorsements from colleagues that can testify to your level of expertise across multiple disciplines and skills. By adding 'Procore' as an endorsable skill to your LinkedIn profile, your first-level connections will be able to give you their personal endorsement for being proficient at using Procore for construction management. As you receive more personal endorsements for 'Procore' and other related skills, it will help you separate yourself from others in the construction industry.


If you do not manually add 'Procore' as a skill to your profile, your peers will not be able to endorse you for that skill. Learn How