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Procore Support (en-au)

Getting Started Midway Through Implementation


Welcome to Procore!

We know it can be challenging to learn new software. Since your implementation has already begun, please be sure to review the below documentation to get caught up on what your internal team has already covered. This guide will walk you through the training resources that will help you get started using Procore. Access to all of Procore's help and support resources is only a click away!

Required Tasks

  • Review Training Videos.

    Role-based training

    Procore Certification
    Enroll in our comprehensive, self-paced courses for more in-depth training. Courses are organized by tool families. 

    Recommended for all Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Company Administrators.

  • Download Procore's mobile application.

    Download Procore's Mobile Application

    The best way to use Procore on a job site is by installing our mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. Stay in-sync with your project team at all times regardless of whether you're in the office or job site. You can even work in offline mode where all of your data automatically syncs with Procore once a network connection is re-established.

     Download Procore for iOS
     View Download Instructions
     Download Procore for Android
    View Download Instructions
     Download Procore for Windows 10
     View Download Instructions
  • Test out all covered tools in the Sandbox Test Project.
  • Join remaining Procore calls with your Implementation Contact and/or Integration Implementation Specialist.
  • Review the Implementation Plan in your Procore account to track where your team is in the process, as well as complete any open tasks, and reference any necessary support documentation for assistance.

Suggested Tasks

  • Review the Permissions Matrix, as well as the internal Permission Templates to get a feel for the roles that will be interacting with your account.
  • Download Procore Drive.
  • Review the Project Setup Guide.
    • If your team has begun working on this, review to ensure that you understand the goals.
    • If your team has not begun working on this already, begin working through it with them.
    • Reach out to your Procore point of contact to fill in any blanks.

Points of Contact

  • For account-related questions, please reach out to your Implementation Contact.
  • For integration-related questions (if applicable), please reach out to your Integration Implementation Specialist.
  • For How-to-questions: please reach out to Procore Technical support.

    English Support
    Monday through Thursday, 3AM - 11PM (PDT)
    Friday, 3AM - 9PM (PDT)
    Saturday, 7AM - 6PM (PDT)

    Sunday, 7AM - 11PM (PDT)

    Live Chat | Email | Phone 
    US: 833-277-6267 (toll-free)
    APAC: +61 1 800 431 456 (toll-free)

    For all your Procore-related questions

    Access to our US-based customer support team is available for FREE to all Procore users.

    • How do I set up my Procore account?
    • Why are my drawings not uploading?
    • How do I redistribute a submittal?
    • How do I recover a previously deleted file?
  • For your long-term point of contact (post-Implementation), please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
  • Reference the support site for additional information.
    Procore support site
    Procore's Support Site
    Find a variety of support articles including step-by-step tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, training videos, release notes, and more.

    • User Guides
    • Tutorials
    • Training Videos
    • FAQs
    • Role-based Learning Paths
    • Best Practices
    • Release Notes
    • User Permission Matrices