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Download Defect List Items (iOS)


To download a defect list item's attachments for offline use on an iOS mobile device.


When you download a defect list item's attachments, you cache any files or photos associated with the item. This action makes the defect list item's attachments available to view in offline mode (when an active network connection is not available on your mobile device).

Things to Consider

Required User Permissions: 'Read Only' or above on the project's Defect List tool. 


Download All Defect List Items and their Attachments

  1. Navigate to the Defect List tool on an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap Download icon-download-ios.png next to Download attachments for these items.
    This action downloads all attachments for all available defect list items.

Download a Single Defect List Item's Attachments

  1. Navigate to the Defect List tool on an iOS mobile device.
    This reveals the tool's list page.
  2. Tap Download icon-download-ios.png next to the item containing the attachment(s) you want to cache for offline use.

    When the download is complete, the item will display a grey check mark icon-download-complete-check-ios.png.

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