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Inspections: Template Improvements

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
 Feature Released: November 21, 2023


Template Improvements for a Simpler, Swifter more Seamless Experience

Improvements to Procore's Inspections templates are now available to improve efficiency, enhance clarity, and increase accountability. This release includes four key new features: the much-anticipated cloning of templates at the project level, the ability to easily see who created the inspection with a 'Created by' field displayed on inspection records (web only), the ability to specify details on Company level templates and a simplified user interface for all Inspections templates. With these innovative features, teams can move more swiftly, capture more pertinent inspection information, hold team members accountable, and save time. A more seamless experience means better inspection management which supports optimal project execution.


Cloning of project templates

  • Previously only available at the Company level, you can now save time by cloning Company and Project level templates at the project level with a few clicks. See Clone a Project Level Inspection Template.

Details will be specified on Company level templates

'Created by’ to be displayed on an inspection record

Updated UI for Inspections Templates

  • The new UI offers a simplified experience that provides an easier inspection management process.

New Company Level Template UIinspections-company-level-new-ui.png

New Project Level Template UI


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