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ERP Integrations: Direct Export Feature

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: July 13, 2023 /  Feature Released: July 21, 2023


ERP Integrations: Direct Export Feature

Procore's ERP integrations now offer the ability to bypass the accounting approver step when exporting certain items to your ERP system. This feature, referred to as 'Direct Export', offers increased flexibility and can help you streamline approval processes. Direct Exports are optional, and can be enabled for one or more of the following:

  • Commitments
  • Commitment Variations (CVs)
  • Subcontractor Progress Claims

This setting will impact items across all projects when enabled. It cannot be limited to only some projects. It is disabled by default.

How can I use it?

You can choose to leverage Procore's Workflows tool to complete approval processes, instead of the ERP Integrations tool's built-in Accounting Approver step. You can also choose to eliminate the accounting approval step completely, and allow users with the ability to send an item to ERP to do so independently, without further approval.

The following three (3) configuration options are available with this feature:

  • Direct Export disabled (default). You can keep using your integration the same way with no changes. 
  • Direct Export enabled, workflows NOT applied. When enabled without applying a workflow to the approval process for a Commitment, CV, and/or Progress Claim, this feature simply allows these objects to be exported directly to your ERP system when clicking the 'Send to ERP' button on the item in its Project level tool. No approval in the Company level ERP integrations tool is required.
  • Direct Export enabled, workflows applied. You can enable the Direct Export feature, and choose to use a workflow for the ERP approval process prior to the 'Send to ERP' step, instead of approving an item for export through the Company level ERP Integrations tool. To learn about Procore's v2 Workflows tool (in Beta), including how to create workflow templates and assign them to projects, see Workflows.

How do I enable ERP Direct Exports?

Option 1. If you want to enable Direct Exports without applying an approval workflow from the Workflows tool, follow the steps in Enable or Disable ERP Direct Exports.

Option 2. To enable Direct Exports and manage approval using Workflows, configure and apply workflows to the desired items. See Workflows for instructions. Then, once workflows are applied, follow the steps in Enable or Disable ERP Direct Exports.

Option 3. To engage Procore's Professional Services team to assist in creating and applying approval workflows using the Workflows tool, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE).

 Important - limitation

Some integrations and customer implementations include custom fields that require an entry, or have limitations around the type or length of entry, for an object to successfully export. The Direct Export feature will attempt to initiate the export of such items, but in some cases clicking 'Send to ERP' will result in the item moving to the 'Ready to Export' page of the Company level ERP Integrations tool. 

It is recommended that you check the 'Ready to Export' filter for such items after enabling this feature to ensure successful and timely exports. 


  • The Viewpoint® Vista™ Integration by Ryvit can be configured to require selection of a Compliance Group for Commitments in the Company level ERP Integrations tool prior to export. Since a Compliance Group can't be selected on the Commitment when clicking the 'Send to ERP' button prior to export, that item will not export automatically. Approval will still be required in the Company level ERP Integrations tool.

Where can I get help if I have questions?

For help setting up Workflows: Contact Support and select 'My Procore Application' under 'What can we help with today?'. You can also call or chat with our general support team. The ERP support team will not be able to assist with questions about the Workflows tool.

For issues syncing items to your ERP system: Contact Support and select 'My ERP Integration' under 'What can we help with today?'.

For general questions about Direct Exports, or help with understanding how to use workflows to address your business process: Contact your Procore Customer Success Manager.