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Mobile: New Sidebar and Home Screen Experience for Procore iOS and Android Apps

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: July 28, 2023 /  iOS 100% Released: August 28, 2023 /  Android 100% Released: September 6, 2023 / Android Rollback: September 13, 2023

Access Projects and Preferences Easier on Mobile

Procore added a new sidebar and personalised home screen to the iOS and Android mobile applications to introduce a more user-focused experience. With these new screens, you have a few updates to your navigation options and Project Overview screen (previously called Home). For example, find overall app preferences on your new Sidebar screen, while project notification preferences are still managed from the project screen. 

New Sidebar Screen

This new sidebar gives you quick access to app settings and more:

  • Add new users to projects quickly using their personal QR code.  
  • Navigate to your new personalised Home screen, described in the next section. 
  • Set your App Preferences icon-settings-gear-grey3.png.
  • View support and policy articles.

Sidebar Navigation Screen.png

    New Sidebar screen (iOS version)


New Home Screen 

On your new Home screen are recent projects and links to Procore training courses.

Navigating to other companies or projects is simple: Select the one you want from your Recent Projects list or use the improved project selection menu at the top.


New Home Screen.png

New Home screen (iOS version)


Updated Project Overview Screen

This screen is the same except for these changes:

  • Instead of 'Home', this screen is called
    'Project Overview'. 
  • Upgraded company and project selection menu.
  • New project settings icon-settings-gear-grey3.png to manage your notification preferences for each project. For your overall app settings, see the new Sidebar screen instead.
  • New camera icon-camera-mobile.png icon in the bottom toolbar gives quicker access to taking photos. 
  • New menu icon-hamburger-menu-mobile.png icon and avatar circle to navigate to your new Sidebar screen. 

Previous Project Home Screen before 2023 redesign.png

Current Home Screen (iOS version)

Project Overview Screen.png

Updated to 'Project Overview' Screen (iOS version)

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