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Procore Platform: Disable Overdue Item Emails on Weekends

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: February 2023 / Feature Released: April 06, 2023


New Company Setting for Overdue Item Email Notifications

In order to help reduce email interruptions during non-working days, Procore has added a new setting that allows Company Admins to prevent overdue email notifications from being sent to users during the weekend. See Can I prevent emails from being sent on the weekend? 



  • The new setting is under 'Email Notification Settings' on the 'General Settings' page of the Company level Admin tool. See Configure Your Company Settings.
  • This setting is only available for automated email notifications sent for overdue tasks in projects.
  • This setting applies to ALL projects and users within your company. It can't be enabled for specific projects. 
  • Weekends are determined by your company's time zone selected on the 'General Settings' page of the Company level Admin tool. 
    • When the setting is enabled, overdue email notifications will not be sent to users on Saturdays or Sundays in your company's time zone. The system will stop sending overdue emails after 6pm on Fridays and will resume automated sending after 2am on Mondays.