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Program: Project Level Program Settings Modernization

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: December 4, 2023

Modernised Project Level Program Settings 

Procore has released several design changes to the project-level Program tool settings. These updates provide you with a more consistent and optimised experience when configuring settings for your project-level programs in Procore. Please see Configure Advanced Settings: Project Program for more details. 


Updated Navigation Menu

  • Previously on the right side of the screen, the new navigation menu is now on the left side and has a modernised look.

New General Tab

  • The new 'General' tab now contains program settings for functionality and project tasks. 
  • 'Display Resource names on calendar' and 'Enable Filtering by person' have been removed. These options are available while viewing your project calendars. 

New File Management Tab

  • The new file management tab simplifies options for uploading and updating programs, while also reducing unnecessary steps when importing your program by giving you the option to import all files regardless of their filename. 
  • New 'Upload via Browser' button.
  • Available file import history that also shows who imported the file as well as any errors. 

Updated Email tab

  • Formerly called 'Email Settings', this tab is now called 'Email Distribution' and has a new look.

Modernised Permission Settings

  • Formerly called 'Permissions Table', permission settings are now called 'User Permissions' and have a modernised look.