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Timesheets: New Task Codes (Beta)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Beta Announced: August 16, 2023 /  Beta Released: August 16, 2023

 New Task Codes for Streamlined Time Entry

Procore is introducing a streamlined experience for time entry. This new experience allows users to more quickly and accurately track time. Actual hours recorded against budgeted items can be seen in your budget, ensuring that projects remain on target and provide you with real time insights into budgeted vs. actual labour usage.


Task codes consolidate the sub job and cost code into a single field. You can select which types of codes your team can attribute time to in Timesheets and My Time, making it easy for them to accurately track their time. Data entered for budgeted task codes is automatically attributed to the appropriate code in your budget.

To help keep your budget on track, you can decide whether or not your team can enter time for non-budgeted items, depending on the phase of your project.
Finally, new filters in Timesheets and My Time make it easy for teams to find the task codes they need, and are automatically saved so teams have a relevant list for the work they are performing. 


  • Timesheets do not currently support custom Work Breakdown Structure segments, but will in the future.

Key Features

This streamlined experience includes these key features:

  • Task Codes. A task code combines all segments that are a part of a budget code including sub job, cost code, and cost type into a single field.
  • Streamlined Time Entry. Limit task codes by cost type to only show relevant budget codes related to time entry. When tracking time in Timesheets or My Time, admins can configure the Company Timesheet settings to track their activities to the specified labour task codes.

    clipboard_ea8f6ed66ed9303b67be7094ef8f8c222.png       Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 10.14.59 AM.png
  • Filter and Save. New filtering functionality allows you to filter task codes by any WBS segment set up on the project such as cost code, sub job, or cost type. Filters selected are automatically saved for future entries.
  • Restrict Time Entries to only Budgeted Items. Depending on your internal process, you may only want to track time and quantities related to budgeted items that are in scope for your projects. With this enhancement, you can restrict time and quantity entries to budgeted items only, ensuring that your project remains in scope.


How do I Opt in to the Task Codes Beta?

  1. Navigate to the Company level Admin tool.
  2. Under 'Tool Settings', select Timesheets or My Time.
  3. Click the Task Codes tab.
  4. Move the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-android.png position to enable task codes.

Learn more how your Task Codes are configured for time entry when you opt in.

Limit Task Codes by Type

  1. Navigate to the Company level Timesheets tool. 
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Scroll to 'Limiting Cost Codes by Type' and mark the checkboxes for the cost types your users can enter time for.

Restrict Time Entries on Projects to Budgeted Items

  1. Navigate to the Project level Timesheets tool. 
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Move the 'Employees Can Select Non-Budgeted Items' toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off.png position. 

Create a Timesheet

  1. Navigate to the Project level Timesheets tool. 
  2. Click Create and select New Daily Timesheet.
  3. Select the employee(s) and click Add.
  4. Click Select a Task Code to see a list of task codes. 
    • Search for a specific task code.
    • Click the Filter icon-filter2.png icon and narrow task codes by Sub Job, Cost Code, or Cost Type. Then click Apply.
    • Click Budgeted or Non-Budgeted to see relevant task codes.
  5. Select the task code.
  6. Enter the remaining time entry information.
  7. Click Submit or Submit and Add Quantities.