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Get Started with Custom Fields from the Custom Solutions Team


To provide you with examples illustrating how you can work with the Custom Solutions Team to add custom fields to a Procore tool or a custom tool

About Custom Fields

custom field is a page element that can be added to a supported Procore tool to allow your end users to enter additional information to capture business-specific information. While most of your company's construction management tasks can be performed using the standard fields that come with a Procore tool, some organisations have specific information requirements that require the addition of custom fields.


Some examples showing how your company can work with the Custom Solutions Team to add custom fields to a Procore tool or a custom tool:

  • A calendar control to capture a project due date. 
  • A checkbox to indicate whether or not a condition is present or absent. 
  • A drop-down menu to select the name of a single person. 
  • A drop-down menu to select multiple team members.  
  • A text box to capture the duration (in a number of days) for a document review. 

Available Field Options & Types 

The following table describes the field, field type and function of each option that are supported by the Custom Solutions Team when adding custom fields to Procore tools.

  • Functionality extending beyond the field options and types listed below cannot be added at this time. This includes the ability to add tabular data using a line item generator.
  • To learn about other limitations related to custom fields, see What are the limitations of custom fields?
Custom Field Option Screenshot Custom Field Type User Action

Single Person Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) user from a menu of all 'Read Only' users and above.

Custom Multi-Person Selector


Drop-down menu

Select two (2) or more users from a menu of all active users in the Project Directory.

Directory Person Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) user from a menu of all active users in the Project Directory.

Custom Company Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) vendor from a menu of all active companies in the Project Directory.

Custom Assignment Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) user from a menu of users with 'Standard' permission and above.

Custom Cost Code Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) cost code from the project's cost code menu.

Custom Date


Drop-down calendar control

Select one (1) date from a drop-down calendar control.

Custom Check Box



Place a mark in the tickbox to indicate an affirmative state. Remove the mark from the tickbox to indicate a negative state. 

Custom Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select one (1) custom option from a drop-down menu.

Custom Radio Button1


Option button

Choose one (1) option from a group of radio buttons.

Custom Read Only Text


Read only text

Show text that cannot be edited by a user.

Custom Duration


Number (in days)

Enter a number to represent a number of days.

Custom Currency


Decimal (USD only)

Enter a number in a decimal format.

Custom Location Selector


Drop-down menu (single-select)

Select an existing location from the menu in the project's Admin tool or create a new location. 

Custom Text Field (Short)



Enter up to 255 alphanumeric characters.

Custom Text Field (Long)



Enter up to 255 alphanumeric characters.

Custom Text Area



Enter an unlimited number of alphanumeric characters.

1 For best results, we recommend that clients request custom selectors (e.g., drop-down menus), instead of custom radio buttons. This preserves screen space when there are more than two (2) options to select from. It also allows you to add selections to the menu in future requests.

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Supported Procore Tools

Currently, the Custom Solutions Team can work with you to add custom fields and create custom forms in the Procore tools listed below. These fields can also be added to custom tools built by the Custom Solutions Team. See Get Started with Custom Tools.

  • Customizations are supported only on individual items. An item is an individual object created by an end user with a Procore tool. Examples of items are a subcontract, tender package, change event, commitment variation, defect item, RFI and so on. 
  • Customizations are NOT supported on list pages or reports. A list page is a primary area for displaying a Procore tool's data and is reserved for performing actions on specified records, such as editing and viewing forms. In Procore, an example of a list page includes these tabs: ItemsList, and Recycle Bin.  
Alphabetical List of Tools Custom Fields can be added to these items: Custom Forms can be created for these items:
Action Plans icon-delete-x2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Admin icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Project Admin
Tendering icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Tender Packages
Budget icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Change Events icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Change Events
Variations icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Commitments (Purchase Orders & Subcontracts)

Commitment Potential Variations
Commitment Variation Requests
Commitment Variations

Commitment Potential Variations
Commitment Variation Requests
Commitment Variations
Subcontractor Progress Claims

Correspondence 2 icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Co-ordination Issues icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Site Teams icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Custom Tools icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Site Diary icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Direct Costs icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Directory icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Documents icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Drawings icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Forms icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Emails icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Equipment icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Home icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Incidents icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Inspections icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Instructions icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Progress Claims icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Meetings/Agenda icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Observations icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Photos icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Head Contract icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Head Contracts
Head Contract Potential Variations
Head Contract Variation Requests
Head Contract Variations
Head Contracts
Head Contract Potential Variations
Head Contract Variation Requests
Head Contract Variations
Owner Progress Claims (Detail View Only)
Defect List icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Defect Items
Reports icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
RFIs icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Program icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Specifications icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Submittals icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Submittal Items
Submittal Packages
Tasks icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Time & Materials Tickets icon-delete-x2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Timecard icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Timesheets icon-delete-x-grey.png icon-delete-x-grey.png
Transmittals icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png

No form exists for this tool.

2 The Correspondence tool is available for customers in the following markets:

  • Australia and New Zealand - Released July 1, 2020
  • Canada - Released July 1, 2020
  • Latin America - Released July 1, 2020
  • United Kingdom and Ireland - Released July 1, 2020
  • United States - Released 1 September 2020

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