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What can Procore's Project Management Consultation Package include?

Are you interested in learning more? Procore Consulting Services is an add-on service. To learn more about the pricing option for this service or to request a time estimate for a potential engagement, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.




Tackle your next strategic challenge and keep your team on track by engaging with Procore's Strategic Consulting Services. The Strategic Product Consulting Team is comprised of Procore Industry experts who specialise in implementation best practices, product strategy assessments and training management. 


Procore's Project Management consultation package is an add-on service focusing on Procore's Project Management tools, having an industry expert review your systems, processes and operations. This package supports your Project Management goals to achieve near and long-term business success —whether you want to improve procurement tracking, ensure programs remain on track, reduce your company's exposure to risk and more.

The table below shares just a few examples of how Procore customers can begin an engagement with Procore's Strategic Product Consultants (SPCs).

Permissions & Access Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How do I ensure that my users have the proper access to toolsets?
  • Analyse templates to ensure stakeholders have the correct tools needed to succeed.
  • How should I configure my standard project template?
  • Learn how to best set up your standard project template to mitigate risk, maintain compliance and establish consistency across the entire organisation. 
Procurement Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How can I manage project dates based on submittal procurement dates?
  • Set your project site teams up for success by reviewing how submittal procurement dates can be leveraged with our custom reporting tool to ensure all parties are informed of on-site delivery dates. 
Scheduling & Task Management Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How do I ensure projects remain on track?
  • Master Procore's Program tool to mitigate program risk and save staff time. This will reduce general conditions costs by reducing the overall project program and/or staffing needs. 
  • How do I create program reports?
  • Take control of your project through automated programd reports in Procore, such as critical path look-aheads and baseline variance reports.
  • How do I sync my P6 program to the Primavera database when integrating into a project?
  • Improve project managers' program control and visibility. Easily view daily tasks and program Gantt charts within Procore with automated distribution of weekly look-ahead and resource programs.
  • How do I create a project look-ahead program?
  • Learn how you can leverage the master program to coordinate the next 1-6 weeks, ensuring work is logical and accurate. 
Document Management Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How do I ensure my team is looking at the most current version of any document?
  • Reduce potential rework costs by ensuring that everyone utilises the latest information in the shop and the field.
  • How can I gather timely feedback and collaborate, all within the context of a particular file?
  • Check on the status of projects without having to call people or visit the site as often.
  • How do I set up granular sharing permissions?
  • Become a permission expert, learning how to leverage granular permissions to provide users with more tool flexibility.