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Procore Support (en-au)

View Project Groups


To view the project groups in the Procore account to find information and linked projects.


The Project Groups tool at the Company level is designed to help you better organise your projects by grouping them into different project groups. For example, you could segment projects by location, company division, job type, multi-phased projects, etc. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' or above permissions on the Project Groups tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • You will only see a project group if at least one project has been added to it.
    • You will only see projects in a project group that you already have access to view.
    • A user will only see the project group in the Project Groups tool if they have at least 'Read Only' permissions to both the Project Groups tool and that project.
    • Program information can be modified, as necessary. See Editing Program Information and Adding Projects to a Program.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Project Groups tool.
  2. Click on the project group you want to view. 
  3. View related program information. (Click on the number in the image to view detailed descriptions of each field.)

    view program information1.png

    Note: Unless otherwise specified, all of this information can be changed. See Edit Program Information for instructions on how to edit the information that appears on this page.


Click  on the Project Groups tab to return to the tool's homepage.

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The logo that has been associated with the project group. (Note: It will appear blank if no logo has been uploaded. This logo does not affect the company logo at the top of the page.)

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The photo that has been associated with the project group. (Note: It will appear blank if no photo has been uploaded.)

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The location and/or website link that has been associated with the project group. The location may be the address of the main project, the address of the company that manages the project or another relevant project group-specific address. (Note: More than one location can be set.) 

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The latitude and longitude coordinates or postcode that our weather service ( will use to retrieve the current weather locations in that location.

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River gauge information about the height of a nearby river or body of water that may affect the project.

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Attachments that apply to all projects in the project group are attached here. You can click the file name of the attachment to open a preview of the file in an attachment viewer. You can also click the Download icon to download the attachment to your computer.

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Any projects in the project group (to which you have access to view) will be displayed. Click the project links to quickly jump to the project's Home tab in Procore.

  • The type of project (e.g. commercial, residential, etc) will appear under the "Type" column. See Add Project Type to a Project.
  • The approved contract found under the Head Contract tab will appear under the "Approved Contract" column.
  • The adjusted contract value is the sum of all variations, commitments that have affected the budget since the project started. This amount will appear in the "Adjusted Contract Value" column.
  • The actual project start date is pulled from the first scheduled task in an uploaded schedule. If no schedule has been uploaded to the project, this date is pulled from the "Estimated Start Date" that the project Administrator set when configuring the project in Procore. See Edit or Add General Project Information.
  • The projected finish date is pulled from the date the project Administrator set at the beginning of the project. This date may be modified throughout a project. See Edit or Add General Project Information.

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If the project Administrator has used the iFrame URL to embed a relevant website, map view, aerial view or webcam view, it will be displayed in this section.

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Text areas are reserved for providing additional messages or information about the project group. Information is typically posted by the project's Administrator. Content in these text areas can be edited at any time.

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